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Dissecting Viruses: From Cell Circuits to First Drafts



11:00 AM-12:00 PM

The QBI online seminar series presents Dr. Sagi Shapira, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Systems Biology at Columbia University. Dr. Shapira completed a Master’s in Public Heath in Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases at Yale. He then completed his PhD at UPenn in immunology and parasitology in the lab of Chris Hunter. He then did a postdoc at Harvard/Broad Institute in the lab of Nir Hacohen where he developed a research program aimed at capturing the collection of host and viral factors that modulate influenza infection. Since joining Columbia as an Assistant Professor, Dr. Shapira's lab has focused on identifying biological principles at the interface of virology and innate immunity. His lab is truly multidisciplinary and merges tools and concepts across multiple disciplines to do what he calls “hypothesis-driven systems biology” — implementing both experimental and computational methods — an approach that has allowed him to make non-incremental advances when studying pathogen-host relationships.

Research in the Shapira laboratory focuses on discovering the molecular grammar that governs pathogen-host interactions and illuminating fundamental principles in biology – always within the broader context of public health. The laboratory leverages experimental, analytical, and computational tools and methods with the goal of quantitatively and qualitatively identifying functional determinants of human infectious disease.

In his talk, Dr. Shapira will highlight some of the biological questions that have driven the work, summarize contributions his laboratory has made to the study of virus-host biology, and outline how such knowledge can guide discovery and help decipher the genetic and molecular circuitry at the interface of pathogen-host interactions and human physiology.

Talk title: Dissecting Viruses: From Cell Circuits to First Drafts

Hosted By: Nevan Krogan

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