QBI, in collaboration with the Department of Psychiatry, the Cancer Center, and the Quantitative Biosciences Consortium (QBC), launched a $1.1 M RFA aimed to more effectively connect the basic and clinical research worlds at UCSF through two funding mechanisms, BOLD & BASIC GRANTS and FELLOWSHIPS. 

Meet our RFA winners and find out about their proposed research for their winning grants for the BOLD & BASIC RFA.

Jeremy Reiter MD, PhD & David Raleigh, MD, PhD

Jeremy Willsey PhD, Brian Shoichet PhD & Mark Von Zastrow MD, PhD

Kira Poskanzer PhD & Bjoern Schwer, MD, PhD

William Weiss, MD, PhD & Kevan Shokat PhD

The BOLD & BASIC Grant winners are:

Jeremy Reiter & David Raleigh: How fats cause cancer: Lipids in the primary cilium activate oncogenic Hedgehog signaling

Jeremy Willsey, Brian Schoichet & Mark Von Zastrow: Leveraging genetic association in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) to identify therapeutic targets

Kira Poskanzer & Bjoern Schwer: A brain organogenesis platform for primate neurobiology and brain tumor research

Bill Weiss & Kevan Shokat: Trapping MYC in cancer

The BOLD & BASIC Fellowship winners are:
Dmitry Velmeshev: Single-cell analysis of early postnatal human brain development and autism

Sam Ivry: Global analysis of proteolytic activity for understanding and diagnosing malignant pancreatic cysts

Madelene Dahlgren: Profiling meningeal lymphocytes in the developing brain using CyTOF

Ilia Vainchtein: Determining the effects of lymphocyte-derived cytokines on the transcriptional and epigenetic profiles of brain glial cells

To find out more about our BOLD & BASIC Fellowship winners, follow us on Instagram where their interviews will be posted!

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