QCRG Subgroups

Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, leadersPedro Beltrao and Nevan Krogan 

Cardiovascular, leaders: Bruce Conklin and Todd McDevitt 

Drug Discovery, leaders: Kevan Shokat and Brian Shoichet 

Epigenetics and Chromatin, leaders: Danica Fujimori and Alan Ashworth 

Genetics, leader: Martin Kampmann 

Mitochondria and Metabolism, leaders: Natalia Jura and Eric Verdin 

Modeling and Mechanism, leaders: Tanja Kortemme and Andrej Sali 

Protein Trafficking, leaderShaeri Mukherjee 

Structural Biology, leaders: Kliment Verba and Oren Rosenberg 

Translation, leader: Davide Ruggero 

Ubitiquination, leader: John Gross 

Virology, leader: Melanie Ott 

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