QBI - Symposium

QBI|UCSF - FUB Integrative Structural Biology Workshop



8:00 AM-10:40 AM

Co-organized by Drs. Christian Freund and Nevan Krogan, the Quantitative Biosciences Institute (QBI) and Freie Universität Berlin (FUB) present the second annual 2020 QBI/Freie Universität meeting, titled "QBI|UCSF - FUB Integrative Structural Biology Workshop", to be held virtually on September 8, 2020.

QBI seeks transformative results in biomedicine by supporting fundamental quantitative research in the biological sciences through significant collaborative efforts. The department of Biology, Chemistry & Pharmacy at FUB seeks to translate the insights from atomistic descriptions of macromolecular structure to fundamental questions in biology, chemistry and medicine.

Confirmed Speakers:

Sutapa Chakrabarti, FUB

Oliver Daumke, FUB

James Fraser, QBI|UCSF

Christian Freund, FUB

Adam Frost, QBI|UCSF

Florian Heyd, FUB

Nevan Krogan, QBI|UCSF

Frank Noe, DUB

Andrej Sali, QBI|UCSF

Markus Wahl, FUB

Jim Wells, QBI|UCSF

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