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Artificial Intelligence Across Biological Scales Symposium



9:00 AM-5:00 PM

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Co-organized by Drs. Bruno Goud, Laura Cantini, Thomas Walter, Kliment Verba, Tanja Kortemme, and Nevan Krogan, the Quantitative Biosciences Institute (QBI) at the University of California, San Francisco, Institut Curie, PSL-QLife, and Institut Pasteur present the "Artificial Intelligence Across Biological Scales Symposium" at the University of California, San Francisco on December 5-6, 2023. 

QBI seeks transformative results in biomedicine by supporting fundamental quantitative research in the biological sciences through significant collaborative efforts. PSL-Qlife brings together biologists, chemists, physicists, computational scientists, and mathematicians to understand biological processes in a quantitative, spatio-temporal and predictive manner. The Institut Pasteur strives to increase its global health impact by strengthening fundamental biomedical research activities and their translation into biomedical innovations and technologies. The joint symposium aims to facilitate collaborative relationships between scientists from each institution. 



DAY 1 - DECEMBER 5, 2023

8:30 AM - Registration and Light Breakfast 

MORNING SESSION - Chaired by Thomas Walter 

9:00-9:10 AM - Opening Remarks by Organizers

9:10-9:35 AM - Massimiliano Bonomi, Institut Pasteur | "Integrative Structural Biology In the Era of Artificial Intelligence"

9:35-10:00 AM - Tanja Kortemme, QBI - UCSF | "Proteins Designed De Novo Using Physics and AI"

10:00-10:25 AM - Laura Cantini, Institut Pasteur/PSL | "Multi-view Learning for Single-cell Multi-omics Data Integration"

10:25-10:45 AM - Break, Genentech Hall Atrium

10:45-11:10 AM - Kliment Verba, QBI - UCSF | "Combining Cryo-EM and Machine Learning To Understand the Functions of SARS CoV2 Nsp2"

11:10-11:35 AM - Laurence Calzone, Institut Curie | "Modelling Tumour Heterogeneity Using a Multi-scale Approach"

11:35-12:00 PM - Ali Bashir, Rezo Therapeutics | "From Sequences to Systems to Structures: AI-Guided Target Discovery"

12:00-1:30 PM - Lunch, Genentech Hall Atrium

AFTERNOON SESSION - Chaired by Kliment Verba 

1:30-1:55 PM - Michael Keiser, QBI - UCSF | "Decoding Hidden Signal From High-content Screens for Drug Discovery"

1:55-2:20 PM - Philippe Nghe, ESPCI Paris - PSL |
"Hybrid Generative Models of Autocatalytic RNAs"

2:20-2:45 PM - Steve Finkbeiner, QBI - UCSF/Gladstone Institutes | "Unraveling Neurodegenerative Disease With Robotics and Artificial Intelligence"

2:45-3:05 PM - Break, Genentech Hall Atrium

3:05-3:30 PM - Aleksandra Walczak, Ecole Normale Supérieure | "How Personalized Is Your Immune Repertoire?"

3:30-3:55 PM - Hervé Turlier, Collège de France | "Bridging Microscopy and Physical Models Through Optimisation and AI""

3:55-4:20 PM - Jean-Baptiste Masson, Institut Pasteur | "Simulation-based Amortised Inference At the frontier of Physics and Biology"

DAY 2: DECEMBER 6, 2023

8:30 AM - Registration and Light Breakfast 

MORNING SESSION - Chaired by Laura Cantini 

9:00-9:25 AM - Thomas Walter, Mines Paris - PSL | "AI for Computational Pathology: Prediction of Cancer Mutational Signatures from Stained Tissue Slides"

9:25-9:50 AM - Jan Christophe, QBI - UCSF | "Predicting Heart Rhythm Disorders From Spatio-temporal Imaging Data Using Artificial Intelligence"

9:50-10:15 AM - Irène Buvat, Institut Curie | "Whole-body Molecular Phenotyping of Cancer"

10:15-10:40 AM - Sharmila Majumdar, QBI - UCSF | "Intelligent Imaging: From Acquisition to Disease Characterization"

10:40-10:50 AM - Closing Remarks 

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