QCRG Partners

QCRG Partners

Benchling is a cloud-based R&D data management and collaboration platform powering innovative research across biological modalities — gene editing, cell therapy, protein therapeutics, structural biology, and more. Replacing outdated processes like pen and paper, Benchling offers unified applications that are purpose-built for biologists, including Notebook, Molecular Biology, Registry, and Inventory. 

Benchling is used across pharmaceutical companies, emerging biotechs, and scientists at over a thousand research institutions around the world. Benchling's core product, which includes Notebook and Molecular Biology, is available for free to all academics.

As a proud partner to UCSF's QBI Coronavirus Research Group (QCRG), Benchling is providing the full Benchling platform pro bono to support the group's critical mission to find a cure for COVID-19. QCRG, a consortium of over 80 scientists, is specifically using Benchling to manage their research for understanding the human proteins' interactions with SARS-coV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) and identify therapies that target these human proteins.

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