QBI Scholarship for Women from Developing Nations in Biosciences



The Quantitative Biosciences Institute, QBI-UCSF, is launching a new scholarship for women from developing countries with the aim of empowering women by providing support and capacity building in biosciences research. This fellowship will give one woman in the academic year of 2017-2018 the opportunity to come and work with UCSF world class scientists at QBI, located on the Mission Bay UCSF campus in San Francisco, California. In this first year the call for applications will be open to candidates who are citizens from Kenya and Uganda.

The scholarship will cover the following:

  • Passport fees
  • Visa fees
  • Travel to and from the home institute and QBI
  • Housing in San Francisco /UCSF
  • Living stipend
  • UCSF lab stipend for candidate’s research
  • Medical insurance for the candidate during their time at QBI-UCSF

In order to assure a sustainable continuation of acquired knowledge, QBI will also support collaborative work visits from UCSF to the home institute along with the applicant to assist in the implementation of newly learned methods/techniques at the home institute during and at the end of the fellowship.

QBI is aware that some of the applicants may have family demands, and the segments of time allotment at QBI-UCSF and the home institute may be planned with some flexibility. We will work together with the applicant to find the most feasible and sustainable solution.

After accepting your proposal, a QBI representative will come for an institute visit to assess with you and your institution the lab you will be going back to after the year at QBI. Together you will start making a plan for the sustainability of your acquired knowledge and how your home institute will benefit from your newfound knowledge. If need be, together you will further focus your proposal to reflect the assessed needs.

Scholarship Overview

Developing the leading generation of women bioscience basic science researchers focused on solving diseases in their community.

The Quantitative Biosciences Institute (QBI) fosters collaborations across the biomedical sciences, seeking quantitative methods to address pressing problems in biology and biomedicine.

Motivated by problems of human disease, QBI is committed to investigating fundamental biological mechanisms, because ultimately solutions to many diseases have been revealed by unexpected discoveries in the basic sciences.

Scholarship in Detail

Strengthening communication, collaboration and capacity building across institutions and borders, and empowering women in bioscience in developing countries to further advance research and eventual treatments or cures to diseases is one of the major goals of the QBI Scholarship. This year the scholarship is offered to citizens of Kenya and Uganda.

Under this QBI aim, we offer a one-year, non-accredited transdisciplinary scholarship focused on bioscience and disease research. Our inaugural scholar to start in the fall of 2017 will conduct research in an area of need at UCSF, followed by an implementation at her home institution. This sustainable follow-up will be supported through our collaborators in country. QBI is disease agnostic, and focuses more on the approach than a specific disease. This therefore opens the door to research on a wide array of topics, including pathogens, viruses, infectious diseases, cardiovascular disease, psychiatric disorders, cancer or any combination thereof.

This scholarship is an extraordinary opportunity to work with world-class QBI-UCSF researchers and mentors, develop ideas and partnerships within a collaborative network, present works in progress and final results at domestic and global symposia, and formally build additional research skills. We are thrilled to invite applications for the 2017-2018 academic year!

The candidate will be selected by the Spring of 2017 and arrive at QBI-UCSF in the fall of 2017. Following their year at QBI, it is expected that the candidate return to their home institution to implement and share the knowledge they have acquired in order to increase the capacity of the home institution and research programs.

Program components

  • The length of this scholarship is one year. The core components of this program are designed to meet the needs of each scholar:
  • Salary support, dedicated research and education funds, round trip travel, lab stipend, and housing in San Francisco

  • Strong research and career mentorship emphasizing the collaborative, transdisciplinary approach necessary to achieve impact in disease research and implementation within community upon return
  • Academic, research and leadership training

  • Career development workshops offered in conjunction with the candidate’s research year
  • Assistance in grant writing to obtain funding for follow-up research in the home country and institution


This scholarship is open to women who are citizens of Kenya and Uganda, and we are specifically targeting women at the early stages of their career including senior trainees. Candidates are eligible if they have completed the following:

  • You must be a woman and a citizen of either Kenya or Uganda
  • PhD or MD equivalent
  • Affiliation with a hospital or research institute in Kenya or Uganda
  • Previous work is focused on molecular biology and/or biomedicine problem
  • If you have questions about your eligibility, please don’t hesitate to reach out to inquire about specific cutoffs:

Application procedure

Please submit the scholarship application materials listed below as a single PDF to by 11:59 PM PST, February 22, 2017. Skype Interviews are scheduled for April with notification of final decision no later than April 28 2017.

  • Current CV (template provided), or Biosketch if available.

  • 1-page personal statement, which also includes your research ambitions and proposed outcome as related to your community or country
  • 1-page research concept describing the disease focus of your research, including brief specific aims, significance, innovation and proposed approach
  • Areas of QBI research you are interested in; top 3 areas you would like to focus on. Please see investigators and research they are involved with at
  • Applicants for this award must indicate a faculty research mentor(s) who will commit to guiding the applicant throughout the duration of the proposed project. Indicate the specific investigators you want to work with at QBI-UCSF; choose the top 3 professors you would like to work with:
  • Copy of degree(s)
  • Attach most recent publications, and those relevant to suggested research

  • Information on passport and visa status to assess visa requirements
  • 2 letters of reference (sent separately)

Application Deadline: February 22, 2017 Please direct all inquiries to