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QBI Online Seminar with Damian Ekiert



4:00 PM-5:00 PM

Talk title: "Tunnels, Bridges, and Ferries: How bacteria move lipids between membranes"

The QBI Online Seminar Series is presenting Damian Ekiert, Assistant Professor for Cell Biology and Microbiology at the NYU School of Medicine. Gram-negative bacteria are surrounded by two lipid membranes, creating a formidable barrier against the outside world. Maintaining the outer membrane poses many challenges, such as a large aqueous gap (periplasm) separating the inner and outer membranes and a lack of ATP/energy in the periplasm to do work. Consequently, bacteria have evolved complex strategies to construct and maintain the outer membrane, including proteins that act as tunnels, bridges, and ferries to facilitate lipid transport. Some of these systems are homologous to human ABC transporters involved in lipid trafficking and drug efflux, providing insight into the function of this broadly conserved protein family.

Hosted by: James Fraser

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