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HIV 2020: Where Are We Now?; Beliefs and Barriers to PrEP Among Trans Men



12:00 PM-12:30 PM

QBI TV presents “HIV 2020: Where Are We Now?; Beliefs and Barriers to PrEP Among Trans Men,” a live discussion on the underrepresented experiences and obstacles trans men face when dealing with HIV/AIDS. Join us for a conversation with HIV and gender identification experts on the significant barriers to proper medical care access for trans men, as well as the experience of being a trans man with access to the preventative HIV drug, PrEP

The trans population faces many barriers to proper medical care and information. Many medical professionals are not properly trained to work with trans individuals. Healthcare providers often make their patients uncomfortable, causing them to be reluctant to reach out about problems or questions. There is also a lack of a full understanding of trans sexual health in the medical community, so doctors often don’t provide proper resources or information. As trans men are underrepresented in the discussion and study of HIV/AIDS, there is little research into how HIV drugs, like PrEP, can affect other medication taken by many trans men, like testosterone and birth control. Trans individuals are also disproportionately affected by homelessness and poverty, due to discrimination, causing healthcare to be inaccessible for many. We look forward to discussing these issues and addressing what needs to be done moving forward.


Stefan Rowniak, PhD, FNP, RN - Associate Professor, University of San Francisco, Nurse Practitioner, San Francisco Department of Public Health

Sean Senechal, MA, BCBA - Therapist (Growth Therapy for Diverse Neuro, Gender, Sexuality Communities LGBTQIA ), Instructor (Mental Health, Anatomy/Physiology), Researcher (Identity and Gender Models), Human Sexuality PhD Program (California Institute of Integral Studies)

Host: Carolina Verrini Lenzi - Marketing & Events, QBI/UCSF

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