QBI - Symposium

QBI Signaling Across Scales Symposium



9:00 AM-5:00 PM

JANUARY 28, 2020 DAY 1— Gladstone Institutes (1650 Owen St. San Francisco, CA 94158) 

9:00 AM SYMPOSIUM BEGINS: Welcome Speech 

Thematic Session One: Molecules and Structures 

9:10 AM Natalia Jura, UC San Francisco: “Molecular Mechanisms of Receptor Kinase Signaling”

 9:40 AM Kliment Verba, UC San Francisco: “Visualizing Novel Kinase States with cryoEM” 

10:10 AM Kevan Shokat, UC San Francisco: “Oncogenic Mechanisms of Activating GTPases KRAS and GNAS and Their Inhibition” 10:40 AM Rapid Talk One: Christopher Mathy, UC San Francisco

10:50 AM Rapid Talk Two: John Gordan, UC San Francisco 

10:55 AM Coffee Break

Thematic Session Two: Compartmentalization 

11:25 AM Abby Dernburg, UC Berkeley: “Intracellular Pattern Formation Mediated by Phase Separation”

11:55 AM Allen Liu, University of Michigan: “Interplay Between CXCR4 Endocytosis, Signaling, and Post-translational Modifications” 

12:25 PM Roshanak Irannejad, UC San Francisco: “GPCR Signaling from Internal Membrane Compartments” 

12:55 PM Lunch with a presentation sponsored by Bruker 

Thematic Session Three: At the Membrane 

2:00 PM Sarah Veatch, University of Michigan: “Functional Heterogeneity in Cell Plasma Membranes” 

2:30 PM Scott Hansen, University of Oregon: “Emergent Properties of MembraneProximal Signaling” 

3:00 PM Rapid Talk Three: Saha Suvrajit, UC San Francisco 

3:10 PM Rapid Talk Four: Juan Guan, UC San Francisco 

3:20 — 5:00 PM Poster Session and Light Refreshments 

DAY 2— Gladstone Institutes (1650 Owen St. San Francisco, CA 94158) 

8:30 AM Registration 

Thematic Session Four: Signaling Dynamics 

9:00 AM Jared Toettcher, Princeton: “Optogenetics for Intracellular Codebreaking: How ERK Dynamics Control Gene Expression and Cell Fate” 

9:30 AM Zev Gartner, UC San Francisco: “Building Tissues to Understand How Tissues Build Themselves” 

10:00 AM Jesse Zalatan, University of Washington: “Scaffold-mediated Control of Competing Kinase Reactions in the Wnt Signaling Network” 

10:30 AM Rapid Talk Five: Daniel Schwartz, UC San Francisco 

10:40 AM Coffee Break 

Thematic Session Five: Systems 11:15 AM Danielle Swaney, UC San Francisco: “Quantitative Multi-Dimensional Characterization of Protein-Protein Interactions in Cancer” 

11:45 AM Inna Kuperstein, Institut Curie: “Multiomics Data-Driven Network-Based Signatures of Cancer for Mechanistic Explanation and Patient Stratification” 

12:15 PM Pedro Beltrao, EMBL: “Global Cellular Studies of Kinase Signaling” 

12:45 PM Rapid Talk Six: Paige Haas, UC San Francisco 

12:55 PM Lunch 

Thematic Session Six: Signaling Networks in Cancer 

2:00 PM Sourav Bandyopadhyay, UC San Francisco: “Networks Mediating Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Activation and Drug Resistance in Cancer” 

2:30 PM Neha Daga, EMBL: “Understanding T-Cell Regulatory Mechanisms in Autoimmune Diseases by Integrating Genetics and Epigenetics” 

3:00 PM Evangelia Petsalaki, EMBL-EBI: “Dissecting Context-Dependent Cancer Signaling Processes Using CRISPR-based Approaches”

Confirmed Speakers:

Sourav Bandyopadhyay, UCSF

Pedro Beltrao, EMBL

Neha Daga, EMBL

Abby Dernburg, UC Berkeley

Zev Gartner, UCSF

Scott Hansen, University of Oregon

Roshanak Irannejad, UCSF

Natalia Jura, UCSF

Inna Kuperstein, Institut Curie

Allen Liu, University of Michigan

Evangelia Petsalaki, EMBL-EBI

Kevan Shokat, UCSF

Jeanne Stachowiak, UT Austin

Danielle Swaney, UCSF

Jared Toettcher, Princeton

Sarah Veatch, University of Michigan

Kliment Verba, UCSF

Jesse Zalatan, University of Washington

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