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It's All About Communication



3:30 PM-4:30 PM

QBI presents a seminar with Lara Szewczak, Deputy Editor at Cell

Dr. Szewczak joined Cell Press in 2005, working first with Structure and Chemistry & Biology and then moving formally to Cell in 2007. Along with her colleagues on the Cell editorial team, she handles manuscripts submitted for consideration, assessing them conceptually and managing the peer review process, and develops review and opinion content for the journal. She plays a key role in innovating ways to present and communicate science, including primary research, perspective and policy. As a Deputy Editor, she has direct oversight for five editors, and works as a part of the journal leadership group to manage content and promote professional development within a cohesive and collegial working environment. Lara received a B.S. in Chemistry from Yale and a Ph.D. in Chemistry and Biochemistry from University of Colorado at Boulder working with Thomas Cech on catalytic RNA. She returned to Yale to conduct postdoctoral research in ribonucleoprotein particle biogenesis with Joan Steitz and Scott Strobel.

In her talk, Dr. Szewczak will touch on aspects of publishing with Cell and Cell Press as well as providing a view on the career of a scientific editor.

Talk Title: It's All About Communication
Host: Nevan krogan

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