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Identifying novel therapeutic targets in high-risk MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma



10:00 AM-11:00 AM

The QBI/SBI Seminar Series on molecular networks of cancer and other diseases aims to facilitate collaborative relationships between scientists from both the US and Ireland. QBI and UCD recently signed a 5-year MOU to reinforce the links between scientists in San Francisco and Dublin, and enhance their collaborative ability to strengthen scientific research and innovation. Through this agreement, scientists will work together to identify opportunities to promote cooperative biosciences research and training activities.

On September 7th, the series is presenting Melinda Halasz, an Assistant Professor in Pathology at the UCD School of Medicine, and a Group Leader at Systems Biology Ireland (SBI). Melinda trained as a physician (MD) before completing her PhD in Reproductive Immunology at the University of Pecs Medical School (UPMS) in Hungary. Her Paediatrics training drove Melinda to advocate for children with malignancies by choosing to become a researcher in the field of Paediatric Oncology at Systems Biology Ireland. 

As a physician-scientist, Melinda is interested in elucidating how the spatiotemporal dynamics of signal transduction networks contribute to the cancer cell phenotype, heterogeneity and resistance to treatment; and applying this knowledge to develop novel therapeutic approaches and less toxic therapies for paediatric patients. Melinda's main focus is on understanding the role of MYCN in the childhood cancer neuroblastoma and identifying novel therapeutic targets by using -omics and systems biology approaches.

Talk Title: Identifying novel therapeutic targets in high-risk MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma

Host: Antoine Forget

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