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9:00 AM-7:00 PM

2019 QBI/Curie/PSL-QLife Symposium

Co-organized by Drs. Aura Carreira, Bruno Goud and Nevan Krogan, the Quantitative Biosciences Institute (QBI), Institut Curie and the PSL-QLife Convergence Institute (PSL-QLife) present the inaugural 2019 QBI/Curie/PSL-QLife Symposium to be held in Paris September 5-6, 2019.

QBI seeks transformative results in biomedicine by supporting fundamental quantitative research in the biological sciences through significant collaborative efforts. Institut Curie, a private non-profit foundation recognized as a public-interest institution since 1921, is a major player in the fight against cancer, comprising France’s leading cancer research center and a world-class hospital group. PSL-QLife aims at shedding light on complex biological systems and processes using quantitative approaches at multiple spatial and temporal levels by fostering close collaboration between life scientists, chemists, physicists, computational scientists, mathematicians, and engineers.

In support of these missions, the 2019 QBI/Curie/PSL-QLife Symposium will focus on the collaborative potential between scientists from these institutions on the general topic of Quantitative Approaches to Cancer Research. Following the symposium, we look forward to putting in place a large collaborative agreement between UCSF, Institut Curie and PSL-QLife (comprising 8 research institutes: Institut Curie, Ecole Normale Supérieure, ESPCI, ChimieParisTech, IBPC, MinesParisTech, Collège de France and Institut Pasteur) to enable scientists on both sides to work together through exchange programs and opportunities for collaborative funding.

This workshop will be held on the Institut Curie Campus.


Thursday, September 5th, 2019 

10.45 am Welcome Coffee at Green Café 

11.10 am Opening by Nevan Krogan, Aura Carreira and Bruno Goud

Session 1: Systems Biology and Cancer 

11.30 am Nevan Krogan, UCSF/QBI/Gladstone Institute 

12.00 pm Emmanuel Barillot, Institut Curie/Q-life - "Some new challenges in computational molecular oncology"

12:30 pm Isha Jain, UCSF/QBI - "Systems Biology Approaches to Targeting Tumor Hypoxia"

1:00 pm Lunch at Green Café   

3.00 pm Olivier Ayrault, Institut Curie - "Using quantitative proteomics to decipher the biology of medulloblastoma" 

3:30 pm Sourav Bandyopadhyay, UCSF/QBI - "Mapping the networks that regulate oncogene dependency"

Session 2: Cell Invasion, Cell Movement and Motor Proteins 

4.00 pm Anne Houdusse, Institut Curie/Q-life - "Control of force production by nanomotors in situ: from structural insights to mechanistic cell biology" 

4.30 pm Emmanuel Farge, Institut Curie/Q-life - "Mechanotransduction in Mice Colon Tumorigenesis: Evolutionary Origins and Underlying Molecular Mechanism" 

5.00 pm Coffee break at Green Café

5.30 pm Danijela Vignjevic, Institut Curie/Q-life - "Fibroblast-Induced Tumor Cell Budding: When Cell Mechanics Dictate Collective Cancer Cell Invasion"

6.00 pm Natalia Jura, UCSF/QBI - "Mechanisms for kinase signaling in cancer"

6:30 pm Matthieu Piel - Institut Curie/Q-life - "Breaching out of the duct: the role of nuclear deformation and nuclear envelope rupture in the switch of DCIS breast cancer cells to an invasive behavior"

8:30 pm Cruise dinner on the Seine

Friday, September 6th, 2019

9:15 am Welcome Coffee at Green Café

Session 3: Autophagy, Metal Transport, and Signaling 

9.30 am  Rushika Perera, UCSF/QBI - "Lysosome mediated remodeling of the cancer proteome" 

10.00 am Raphael Rodriguez, Institut Curie/Q-life  - "Roles of metals in cancer"

10.30 am Kevan Shokat, UCSF/QBI - "Drugging the Undruggable in Oncology" 

11.00 am - Coffee break at Green Café

Session 4. Cell Fate and Survival Mechanisms 

11.30 am Renata Basto, Institut Curie/Q-life - "Centrosome amplification favors survival and response to chemotherapy in ovarian cancer"

12.00 pm Davide Ruggero, UCSF/QBI 

12:30 pm Leila Perie, Institut Curie/Q-life - "Single-cell fate in hematopoiesis" 

1:00 pm Lunch at Green Cafe

Session 5. Targeting Cancer 

2.00 pm Danielle Swaney, UCSF/QBI - "Multidimensional characterization of protein-protein interactions in cancer"

2.30 pm Jennifer Grandis – UCSF/QBI - "Leveraging the head and neck cancer proteome to improve therapy" 

Session 6. Breast Cancer 

3.00 pm Celine Vallot, Institut Curie/Q-life - "Heterogeneity of chromatin states in breast cancer" 

3:30 pm Coffee break at Green Café

4:00 pm   Aura Carreira, Institut Curie - "BRCA2: a model to understand genome integrity mechanisms and cancer predisposition" 

5:00 Concluding remarks - closing

5:30: Cocktail

Practical information :

Registration: http://bit.ly/32CBCKu

Location: Amphi C. BURG, 12 rue Lhomond 75005 Paris  

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