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2:30 PM-6:00 PM

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Day 1: November 13 - 2:30PM-6:00PM

Day 2: November 14 - 9:00AM-6:00PM

Day 3: November 15 - 9:00 AM-2:00PM

Co-organized by Drs. Jeremy Willsey, Hao Li, and Nevan Krogan, the inaugural Psychiatric Cell Map Initiative Symposium will be held at Gladstone Institutes (1650 Owens St., San Francisco, CA 94158) on November 13-15, 2019. The Psychiatric Cell Map Initiative (PCMI, pcmi.ucsf.edu) aims to bridge the gap between the genome and the clinic in the field of psychiatric disorder research. In support of this mission, the symposium will focus on current progress in translating advances in gene discovery to an understanding of the molecular underpinnings of neurodevelopmental disorders. We will also emphasize approaches spanning disorders with shared etiology and/or convergent biology. Ultimately, we strive to build a community of interdisciplinary researchers that will collaboratively drive the field forward, so we welcome attendance from any and all fields.


NOVEMBER 13, 2019 , DAY 1— Gladstone Institutes (1650 Owen St. San Francisco, CA 94158)

2:00 PM Registration

2:30 PM SYMPOSIUM BEGINS: Welcome Speech by Nevan Krogan

Thematic Session One: Psychiatric Genetics. Chair: Jeremy Willsey

3:00 PM Donna Werling: “Genetic and developmental effects on gene expression in the human brain”

3:30 PM Jeremy Willsey: “Recent advances in the genetics of Tourette Syndrome and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder”

4:00 PM Dan Lowenstein: “Insights from the Genome on Network Dysfunction in Epilepsy” 

4:30 PM Hao Li: “Deciphering the genetic determinants of complex human traits through integrative analysis of GWAS and molecular trait data”

5:00 PM Keynote talk: Matt State: "Charting a path forward after successful gene discovery in autism spectrum disorders”

5:45 PM Closing Remarks

6:00 PM Reception in Gladstone

NOVEMBER 14, 2019, DAY 2— Gladstone Institutes (1650 Owen St. San Francisco, CA 94158)

9:00 AM Opening Remarks by Jeremy Willsey

Thematic Session Two: Psychiatric Cell Map Initiative. Chair: David Agard

9:10 AM Ruth Huttenhain: "Mapping protein interaction networks connecting autism spectrum disorder risk genes"

9:40 AM Martin Kampmann: “Functional Genomics in iPSC-derived models to elucidate neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative diseases”

10:10 AM Brin Rosenthal: “An integrative network landscape neuropsychiatric disorders uncover shared network traits and commonly dysregulated pathways”

10:40 AM Coffee Break

Thematic Session Two: Psychiatric Cell Map Initiative (continued). Chair: Mark von Zastrow

11:00 AM Tom Nowakowski: “Human Brain Development at Single-Cell Resolution”

11:30 AM Helen Willsey: “Identifying convergent biology underlying autism using frogs”

12:00 PM Lunch

Rapid Talks: Chair: Brian Shoichet

1:00 PM Serena M. Tamura: “Development of CRISPR activation to rescue SCN2A haploinsufficiency in autism spectrum disorder” 

1:15 PM Yuxiao Xu: “Using frogs to understand the function of autism risk gene DYRK1A” 

1:30 PM Maureen Pittman: “Predicting the alteration of 3D chromatin organization in congenital anomalies” 

1:45 PM Christoph Kirst: “Mapping whole brain structure and activity at cellular resolution: iDISCO and ClearMap” 

2:00 PM Lakshmi Subramanian: “Neurodevelopmental Origins of Human Focal Cortical Dysplasia” 

2:15 PM Siavash Fazel Darbandi: “TBR1 Dosage is Essential for Cortical Neuronal Spine Maturation and Synaptogenesis”  

2:30 PM Coffee Break

Thematic Session Three: 3D Models of Human Brain Development. Chairs: Nawei Sun, Fima Zaltsman

3:00 PM Anca Pasca: “Hypoxia leads to corticogenesis defects in a 3D human model for brain injury of prematurity”

3:30 PM Keynote Talk: Saul Kato: “Large scale organoid generation for brain disorder screening”

4:15 PM Closing Remarks

4:30 PM Poster Session and Reception: Byers Hall Atrium, 600 16th St, 2nd Floor

6:00 PM Adjourn

NOVEMBER 15, 2019 , DAY 3— Gladstone Institutes (1650 Owen St. San Francisco, CA 94158)

9:00 AM Opening Remarks

Thematic Session Four: Intersecting Initiatives. Chair: Steve Finkbeiner

9:10 AM Aimee Kao: “Lysosomes as the Molecular Bridge between Neurodevelopmental and Neurodegenerative Disorders”

9:40 AM Frank McCormick: "Ras proteins in psychiatric disorders and development”

10:10 AM Lennart Mucke: "Intriguing Links between Developmental and Degenerative Brain Disorders"

10:40 AM Coffee Break

Thematic Session Four: Intersecting Initiatives (continued). Chairs: Helen Willsey and Brin Rosenthal

11:10 AM Katie Pollard: "Genetic variation and the 3D genome"

11:40 AM Casey Gifford: "Identifying Complex Genetic Mechanisms Involved in Congenital Heart Disease"

12:10 PM Keynote Talk: Mustafa Khokha: "CHD genetics reveals an unexpected connection between pluripotency and electrical membrane potential"

12:55 PM Closing Remarks by Jeremy Willsey

2:00 PM Adjourn


Ruth Huttenhain, UC San Francisco

Martin Kampmann, UC San Francisco

Aimee Kao, UC San Francisco

Saul Kato, UC San Francisco

Mustafa Khokha, Yale University

Hao Li, UC San Francisco

Dan Lowenstein, UC San Francisco

Frank McCormick, UC San Francisco

Lennart Mucke, Gladstone Institutes, UC San Francisco 

Tom Nowakowski, UC San Francisco 

Anca Pasca, Stanford University 

Katie Pollard, Gladstone Institutes, UC San Francisco

Sara Brin Rosenthal, UC San Diego

Matthew State, UC San Francisco

Donna Werling, UW-Madison

Helen Willsey, UC San Francisco

Jeremy Willsey, UC San Francisco 

Call for abstracts:

As part of the symposium, we are hosting a poster session and reception on Thursday, November 14th from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm in the Byers Hall Atrium 2nd floor. We encourage interested attendees at every academic level to submit a brief poster abstract (title author list 1 paragraph) to Ashley Clement (ashley.clement@ucsf.edu) for consideration. Six submissions will be chosen for a “Rapid Talks” section on November 14th from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm (12 mins 3 mins for questions per talk). We will select poster presentation slots from the remaining abstracts. In order to be considered for the Rapid Talks, please submit your abstracts by 5 pm PST Wednesday, November 6th. We will accept additional abstracts for poster presentations only until 5 pm PST Friday, November 8th.

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