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Institut Pasteur/UCSF QBI Third Annual Symposium on Infectious Diseases

Co-organized by Drs. Carla Saleh and Nevan Krogan, Institut Pasteur and the Quantitative Biosciences Institute present the "Institut Pasteur/UCSF QBI Third Annual Symposium on Infectious Diseases" in Paris on April 12-13, 2023

The Quantitative Biosciences Institute (QBI) seeks transformative results in biomedicine by supporting fundamental quantitative research in the biological sciences. The Institut Pasteur thrives to increase its global health impact by strengthening fundamental biomedical research activities and their translation into biomedical innovations and technologies. The Quantitative Biology program of the Institut Pasteur intends to facilitate research innovation at the interface of infectious biology and quantitative sciences.

The third annual 2023 symposium in Paris aims to further collaborative relationships between scientists from both institutions. The Institut Pasteur and UCSF signed an official agreement to kick off a formal collaboration which will develop a joint Center on Emerging Infectious Diseases with QBI based in San Francisco. To strengthen the agreement and the collaborations among scientists, a small delegation of group leaders from Institut Pasteur visited San Francisco from February 27-March 2, and a group from QBI will be visiting Paris from April 11-15. Through this agreement, scientists will work together to identify opportunities to promote cooperative biosciences research and training activities.


DAY 1 - Wednesday, April 12

9:00 AM Opening remarks

MORNING SESSION - Chair: Carmen Buchrieser

9:30 AM Keynote by Lluis Quintana Murci, Institut Pasteur | "From Neanderthals to COVID-19: genetic and evolutionary sources of human immune response variation"

10:15 AM Aude Bernheim, Institut Pasteur | "Conservation of anti-viral immunity across domains of life"

10:40 AM Coffee break

11:10 AM Bolyn Hubby, Vir Biotechnology | "Vir at-a-glance: Innovating advances in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases"

11:35 AM Marc Lecuit, Institut Pasteur | "How listeria outsmarts its host"

12:00 PM Shaeri Mukherjee, UCSF QBI | "Lessons learned from Legionella pneumophila"

12:25 PM Lunch

AFTERNOON SESSION - Chair: Caroline Demangel

2:30 PM Balyn Zaro, UCSF QBI | "Mimicry of a Mammalian ‘Don’t Eat Me’ Signal by Pathogens"

2:55 PM Laurent Debarbieux, Institut Pasteur | "Viewing and quantifying phage therapy"

3:20 PM Rada Savic, UCSF QBI | "Translating TB treatment response"

3:45 PM Coffee break

4:15 PM Bill DeGrado, UCSF QBI | "Structure, function and inhibition of viroporins"

4:40 PM Iuliana Ene, Institut Pasteur | "Small Molecules Restore Antifungal Activity Against Drug-Resistant Candida Isolates"

5:05 PM John Gross, UCSF QBI | "Structural insights into the molecular arms race between human APOBEC3G and HIV-1 Vif"


DAY 2 - Thursday, April 13

MORNING SESSION - Chair: Mélanie Hamon

9:00 AM Kliment Verba, UCSF QBI | "Structure is in the pocket of the beholder: how viral Orf9b changes shape to inhibit Tom70"

9:25 AM Laurence Mulard, Institut Pasteur | "A glycochemistry-based strategy to a first-in-human Shigella vaccine"

9:50 AM Darragh Duffy, Institut Pasteur | "Understanding the causes and consequences of immune variability in health and disease"

10:15 AM Coffee Break

10:40 AM Carla Saleh, Institut Pasteur | "How to deal with insects carrying viruses"

11:05 AM Jason Sello, UCSF QBI | "Developing Host-Directed, Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial Therapeutics"

11:30 AM Lucy Glover, Institut Pasteur | "SHERLOCK4HAT: A CRISPR-based tool kit for diagnosis of Human African Trypanosomiasis African Trypanosomiasis"

11:55 AM Ian Sieple, Institut Pasteur | "Chemical synthesis to unlock natural product potential"

12:20 PM Lunch (only for speakers)

AFTERNOON SESSION - Chair: Olivier Schwartz

2:00 PM Liliana Mancio, Institut Pasteur | "Single-cell biology of malaria parasites"

2:25 PM Robyn Kaake, UCSF QBI | "Cross-linking Mass Spectrometry Platforms and Infectious Disease"

2:50 PM Sarah Hélène Merkling, Institut Pasteur | "Dissection of a natural resistance phenotype against dengue viruses in aedes aegypti mosquitoes"

3:15 PM Concluding remarks

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