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Science In the Time of Corona: Could COVID-19 Change How Young Scientists Approach Their Future Research?



12:00 PM-12:30 PM

QBI presents "Science in the Time of Corona", a live show where scientists discuss how COVID-19 has changed science. This week, join us for a discussion with two graduate students from QBI|UCSF on the ways COVID-19 has impacted students' projects, learning environments, and future plans.

How have the drastic changes of COVID-19 specifically impacted these students, and what might that mean for how they approach their research in the future? Do new constraints on time spent in the lab present a barrier to creativity or spontaneity in science?


Paige Haas - Graduate Student, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry - QBI|UCSF

Victor Lam - Graduate Student, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry- QBI|UCSF

Host: Leila Shokat - Media Anthropology - QBI

Link to live show : https://youtu.be/q8t1eP1m_f4

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